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Exhibitor List


259 West Road
Die Hoewes
South Africa

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Contact Person: Tendayi Kaitano
Phone: +27 60 985 9521
Imerys Alumnates is a pioneer and world leader in the manufacture of Calcium Aluminate Cements (CAC). It produces a range of speciality binders and mortars that include CIMENT FONDU®, CALCOAT® and SEWPERCOAT®. Since the 1950’s, CIMENT FONDU® has been used in South Africa to protect concrete pipes in sewers from H2S corrosion.

In 2017, Imerys Alumnates launched its global SewperCoat® brand in Cape Town, South Africa, where it is being used to rehabilitate old sewer infrastructures that have been corroded by H2S corrosion. SewperCoat® is also designed to give protection and longevity to new waste water infrastructures from H2S degradation.

Imerys Alumnates also manufactures Fondag and Fonducrete mortars used for manhole benching, casting of manholes and other sewer chambers.