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LaValley Industries (LVI) is a privately held manufacturer of material handling attachments for the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), pipeline, mining, and construction industries. LaValley Industries was founded in 2006 by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) veteran Jason LaValley with the mission of bringing solutions to the HDD world created and designed by those who had worked in the industry. LaValley’s flagship product line was birthed from a sketch that Jason LaValley created after witnessing a job-site accident. His initial sketch has developed into the DECKHAND® pipe handling system. The DECKHAND® has brought a new level of flexibility and load control to material handling attachments. Designed around the concept of a single tool with many purposes, the DECKHAND’s head unit is powered by the excavator's hydraulics and utilizes a variety of purpose driven arm attachments to safely and efficiently load or unload different kinds of pipe, road mats, casing and other materials. 360-degree rotation, tilt, and shift functions deliver unmatched load control and load placement.

Over the last decade, LaValley Industries has grown from its humble beginnings into a sophisticated equipment manufacturer with global distribution and a product line-up spanning across the HDD, pipeline, mining and construction industries. LaValley Industries has expanded the DECKHAND® product line into five separate and distinct platforms with over twenty different arm combinations along with developing new tools to automate the pipe tie-in and slurry pipe maintenance processes. In 2016 LaValley Industries launched its newest product, TONGHAND® which is quickly becoming the new standard in HDD exit side operations. The TONGHAND’s patented rotation arms, gullwing design and integral TongVise™ allow a single operator to torque and un-torque pipe joints, sub connectors and reamers all from the safety and comfort of the excavator cab. The 120,000-foot-pound torque capability on its patented vise, and the precision pipe control design, allow workers to remain safely away from drilling components while breaking joints, loading and unloading drill string components, and positioning drill rod throughout the job site.

Over the years, LaValley Industries has been recognized by our peers as a leader in bringing innovative products to our targeted industries. Most recently, LaValley has been awarded the 2017 BP New Technologies by IPLOCA, the 2018 Land Based Technology Award by the Pipe Guild and the 2018 Abbott Innovative Product Award by NASTT. Learn more about LaValley Industries at www.lavalleyindustries.com

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